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The Oregon-Jerusalem Historical Society of Ohio

Purpose or purposes for which our organization was formed from the original Articles of Incorporation filed August 30th, 1963 by Ted W. Brown, Secretary of State and our founders, Josephine Fassett, Henry Villhaver, and Josephine M. May

Articles of Incorporation of The Oregon-Jerusalem Historical Society of Ohio, Inc dated 08/30/1963, filing # 323074 on Roll B320 at Frame 1383 of the Records of Incorporation and Miscellaneous Filings

Signatures of founding trustees, Josephine Fassett, Henry Villhaver, and Josephine M. May

With respect to the City of Oregon, Jerusalem Township of Lucas County, Ohio and the surrounding area.

To encourage and engage in historical research, to preserve and foster the preservation of papers, records, documents, and relics; to publish and encourage the publication of matters of historical interest; to perpetuate the memory and spirit of the men and women who have lived and served; and to secure and hallow historic spots for the erection of monuments or other markers to preserve and encourage the preservation of structures with historical significance.

Mission Statement

The Oregon-Jerusalem Historical Society’s mission is to foster and promote interest in the history and background of the City of Oregon and surrounding areas through the promotion of the preservation of historic sites and buildings, maintain a museum to collect, acquire, preserve and store papers, charts, maps, documents, pictures, artifacts, and media portraying the history of the community served this organization.

Today, we are committed to upholding our mission by preserving our past and bringing history to life for our community through educational events and outreach.

Josephine Fassett Oregon Ohio

Our Founder, Josephine Fassett

Oregon Jerusalem Historical Society was founded by Josephine Fassett, educator and historian whose career spanned the growth of the Oregon School System from one-room schoolhouses to an entire district.

She retired in 1954 after 46 years with the former Oregon Twp. school system. Josephine went on to serve as Supervisor and later Superintendent of the combined Oregon-Jerusalem Township.

From the book, this photo shows young Josephine with her family.

History of Oregon and Jerusalem
1837 to 1961

Josephine Fasset History of Oregon and Jerusalem

Josephine Fassett authored the 300-page history book that has preserved our early history and is the contributor to many of the stories we share with you here.

Read Josephine’s Book! History of Oregon and Jerusalem, published in 1961.

Our Facilities

The Oregon Jerusalem Historical Society has a five building complex in Oregon Ohio. 
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The Brandville School Museum complex includes the Brandville School house. Brandville School was built in 1882, was the first 2-story, 2-room brick school in the township.

It held such prestige that students seeking to attend grades 5 to 8 were required to take an entrance exam. When it closed in 1926, it was rented by a rug cleaning company for several years, and then remained vacant for nearly 50 years until it was purchased by the society in 1975. With great effort by the many volunteers it was restored much to its original design and became home to the Oregon-Jerusalem Historical Society of Ohio. In 1994, it was placed on the National Register of Historical Places with the US Department of the Interior.