LeRoi Basinger, Trustee

LeRoi Basinger OJHS Trustee

LeRoi is a 1965 graduate of Clay High School and has the unique experience of living in the same home that he grew up in. For 55 years, LeRoi has also run his own business, an auto body repair shop on this same Mambrino Road property. Leroi is a Viet Nam era Army veteran who served two years right out of high school. He and his wife own a car collection and a few of his special interest cars include a 1950 Ford, a 1977 Trans Am and a 1984 Rolls Royce. They are stored during the winter months and only see sunlight in the summer. You might see him or his wife driving one of them around town. When asked what prompted him to get involved in OJHS, he says that he loves history and the preservation of historical artifacts. Although he says he doesn’t have many hobbies, one of his true enjoyments is cooking, particularly making soups, a skill he learned from his paternal Mennonite grandmother.