Haunted History Tour Destination 9

Ghost Towns and Graveyards
Scavenger Hunt Clue:

“The Little Engine that Could”

Enter “Booth Ohio” into Google Maps and turn south on Stadium Road off Navarre Avenue until it dead ends at the train tracks.  Take a 20-second video of your group standing in front of the guard-rail, with tracks in the background dancing and singing, “Come on Ride the Train” or “Locomotion.”

Want to Know More? 

Est. 1904, Travel by Electric Railways thru Booth, OH
Under the Overpass on State Route 2

Once documented on Lucas County maps, Booth had its beginnings when the Toledo, Port Clinton & Lakeside Interurban Railway went into operation.  Businesses often sprang up at an interurban stop on a main road and soon there was a general store, tavern, Nissen Coal, Benny’s Garage and a cider mill.  By the 1930’s, an earlier coal company became Gladiuex’s Coal and the general store was called Phillips Grocery, later known as the Oregon Farm Market. When Oregon Township incorporated as a city in 1957, Booth Ohio lost its separate identity. 

It now sits as a ghost town under the overpass that was constructed in the 1990’s so that travelers could avoid being caught by a train on Oregon’s busiest road, State Route 2.

History Fun Fact

There was once a baseball team called the Booth Red Socks.  If you put the crossroads of State Route 2 and Stadium Roads into your car’s navigator, it will still come up as Booth, Ohio.