Haunted History Tour Destination 6

Ghost Towns and Graveyards
Scavenger Hunt Clue:

“Head to MomeneeTown to Buy Supplies and Candy”

The bike trail that runs parallel to Stadium Road covers the “Big Ditch” that was once the road’s name.  Stop by the General Store at the corner of Corduroy and purchase your favorite candy bar. Take a fun photo eating your candy bar out front of this once bustling corner, but be careful.  You never know what may crawl out of “The Den.”

Want to Know More? 

Est. 1851-53, Momeneetown at Big Ditch and Corduroy Roads

Most of the roads running east and west through Oregon and Jerusalem Townships follow Indian Trails. The Indians used the trails to avoid the many swamplands and dense forest of the area.  When pioneers began to settle the area, they laid wooden tracks built from the tallest trees.  This allowed horses to pull supply wagons during the hard winter months. Corduroy Road was named for these long cords of wooden tracks. A settlement grew at the corner of ‘Big Ditch’ and Corduroy Roads when a storekeeper, Enos Momenee purchased a wood framed building and opened the area’s first general store in 1871. Named and remembered as Momeneetown, this area, now a ghost town, was once a flurry of activity for social gatherings, purchasing shoes and boots, selling farm fresh food, wood, furs, supplies and having horses “shoed” by the local blacksmith. Many youngsters attended the one room schoolhouse, originally named DeBolt, and renamed Momeneetown.

History Fun Fact

Mrs. M.A. Flint’s Candy Store sat next to the general store. It was a favorite with the children of Momeneetown School because they could buy five pieces of candy for just one penny.