Haunted History Tour Destination 5

Ghost Towns and Graveyards
Scavenger Hunt Clue:

“Vacationers Enjoy a Place of Peace and Rest in “Sanguishine”

Find a park located across from Lake Erie that is dedicated to Veterans.  Walk on the boardwalk and take a picture with the lake in the background or stand on top of the hill by the park’s pavilion.  Bonus Challenge:  Have a member of your group roll part way down the hill while being photographed or videotaped. 

Want to Know More? 

Est. 1912, “Sanguishine,” Lakeview Rd. between Bayshore Rd. and Lake Erie

On the corner of Bay Shore Road and Lakeview Road, across from Olney Market, once stood a sturdy, yellow brick home called “Sanguishine.” An Indian word meaning “rest,” the home was built in 1912 by Dr. F.A. Garand, a respected physician and influential city of Toledo councilman.  He purchased four additional acres along Lakeview Road and sold lots to his family and friends who built their own “restful” cottages and vacation homes.  Due to his esteem, Dr. Garand convinced city of Toledo authorities to run a water line out to Bay Shore Road, thus enhancing his property value and enticing more people to build restful homes or cottages in the area now known as South Shore Park. In 1928, citizens of South Shore Park circulated a petition to force trustees to hold an election and incorporate their village separately from Oregon Township.  The citizens failed to gather enough signatures so the incorporation never took place, but it continues to be an area of Oregon that is known by its original settlement name, South Shore. 

History Fun Fact

Very committed to his patients, Dr. Garand traveled over almost impossible roads with his team of horses to see his them.  Most were victims of burn accidents that happened at the new oil -refineries and distilleries.  This led him to experiment in his laboratory until he invented Antiustio, a salve that helped heal burn wounds without leaving a scar. Dr. Garand sold the product to drug stores throughout the country.