Haunted History Tour Destination 2

Ghost Towns and Graveyards
Scavenger Hunt Clue:

“Four Score and Seven Years Ago!”

This phrase began one of the most famous speeches in U.S. history.  Our 16th President of the United States gave it after a famous battle that took place during the Civil War.  Find the Memorial Monument, dedicated to Union Soldiers that sits among the “Willows.”  Take a picture of your group posed like the figure of the man who stands on top of the monument.

Want to Know More? 

Est. 1856, Willow Cemetery, 1961 Pickle Rd., Oregon

Before there were cemeteries, families in Oregon Township buried their loved ones on their own property.  When the Willow Cemetery opened, many family graves were opened and the caskets were moved to the cemetery. 

Named for the many willow trees that once graced the landscape, the first three acres were purchased for $1.50 per acre.  Eventually, more land was purchased and now the 25 acres is bordered by the Toledo Refining Company.   

In 1881, The Grand Army Republic (G.A.R.) approached trustees to erect a civil war memorial on the cemetery grounds. A twenty-foot pedestal, with a soldier atop, was erected in 1882.  Over time the original soldier came into disrepair and was eventually replaced by a new soldier in 2003 when a civic-minded group, The Restore the Glory committee, raised more than $35,000.  This also helped to plant more than 300 new trees that had previously been removed. 

History Fun Fact

A local man, Ezra Sain, was the smallest man ever drafted into the Union Army during the Civil War.  He and his twin sister, Mary are buried in Willow Cemetery. In spite of his dwarf like stature, standing  3’6” tall and weighing just 64 pounds,  both he and his sister enjoyed long lives in Oregon Township. They lived in a miniature house and used a goat, rather than a horse, to pull their cart around town. 

Ezra Sain