Haunted History Tour Destination 1

Ghost Towns and Graveyards
Scavenger Hunt Clue:

“Move to the Front of the Class”

Head towards the corner of a street named after a cucumber soaked in vinegar and Grasser Street. Open the box on the porch and complete the homework assignment you are given by taking a photo doing it in front of the school with your tour classmates. Can’t play outside until your homework in done! 

Want to Know More? 

Brandville School and the Portable One Room School House, 1133 Grasser Street, Oregon

Built in 1882, and a first of its kind, this “prestigious” two-story brick building replaced many of the one-room school houses that were scattered around Oregon Township.  Fifth through eighth graders who passed an entrance exam attended this exclusive school. Bathroom facilities were outside, next to the coal shed, which heated the building.  As Oregon Township grew, “Portables” – were brought in by horse and wagon to accommodate first through fourth grade classes.    

Curriculum included reading, writing, arithmetic, spelling and geography. Students were encouraged to study their spelling in order to earn, “head marks.”   A head mark was given to the student who was able to spell all studied words correctly, and thus this student was allowed to sit at the foot of the class.    

Brandville School was closed in 1926 when Clay, Coy and Wynn Elementary Schools were built.  Families then rented the Portables and made them their homes. 

History Fun Fact

Brandville School and the Portable one-room schoolhouse are now part of the Brandville School Museum Complex owned by the Oregon Jerusalem Historical Society.  There are four buildings in all, open for tours and history fact-finding during certain days of the month.  Have an interest in your family’s genealogy?   You might find some of your local information in the OJHS library located on campus.