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October 7:00 PM Public Program
December 2 10:00 AM-4:00 PM  Holiday Home Tours


                          OCTOBER 17TH PUBLIC MEETING

The First Families committee is excited to recognize another family whose ancestors were among the earliest to come to Oregon-Jerusalem Township. The pioneer family who arrived before December 31, 1860 is Hicks. Wesley Hicks’ name is on the concrete dedication plaque above the front door of Brandville School. Three of the descendants will be honored.
The recognition will be at the regular meeting on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 17, at 7 p.m. at Brandville School. The presentation will include a display of family photos and memorabilia and a short talk by a family member with an anecdotal story or two. In addition, there will be displays and short talks by last year’s seven families, because they have things to add! This year the event will be videoed for our use at OJHS.

Submitted by Vivienne Gladieux Sommerfield 

                         HOLIDAY TOUR OF DISTINCTIVE HOMES

Planning for the 2017 Holiday Tour of Distinctive Homes has been underway since January. The event continues to gain public interest since its inception in 2005. So far, six distinctive sites have been secured and two other possibilities are pending. This year’s tour takes place Saturday, December 2, 2017, from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Tickets are $15.00 in advance and $18.00 the day of the tour. Only 300 tickets will be available. To date, the six distinctive locations are:
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Fisher, 124 Decant Rd., Curtice, OH 43412
Mr. & Mrs. Dwain Haskell, 4840 South Teal Dr, Oregon, OH 43616
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Hill, 3806 Pickle Rd., Oregon, OH 43616
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hughes, 663 Sweetwater Dr., Oregon, OH 43616
Ms. Linda Rossler, 9855 Jerusalem Rd., Curtice, OH 43412
Places of Interest: Barn Mr. Dan Phillips, 1010 Bury Rd., Oregon, OH 43616
Ticket sales begin for members of the Oregon-Jerusalem Historical Society, Thursday October 19th, and to the public on Thursday, November 2nd. Tours begin at Brandville School, 1133 Grasser St., Oregon, OH. where maps and brochures will be distributed to ticket holders. Please call Connie Isbell at 419-693-2956 to reserve your tickets.
                                                                         Submitted by Dave Yenrick




Vivienne Sommerfield, as chair of the “First Family” program had a very successful launch to our First Families program in 2016.  There were seven families recognized for being in Oregon/Jerusalem Townships prior to December 31, 1860.  Members from each of these families gave educational and insightful presentations at our public meeting in October 2016.  The families represented were Bury/Johlin, Coy, Gladieux, Koch/Moll, Mueller (Miller), Moritz and Navarre.

Such success indicates that this program must continue.  Following the example of other organizations in Ohio, with the approval of the OJHS Board of Trustees, this program will continue with some criteria changes that may make more families eligible for inclusion:

If your ancestors were living in Oregon/Jerusalem Townships by December 31, 1860, you would qualify to be a “founder” category member.   This category would not change.

If your ancestors were settled in the same townships between January 1, 1861 and December 31, 1875, you would  qualify for “settlers and builders” category.

This new category will allow additional descendants to qualify for “First Family” membership since it would include families who came here following the Civil War.  Applications for the program have a deadline of August 1 for inclusion in the 2017 program.

 If you are interested for inclusion in this distinctive group, there will be a committee person available during most hours when the complex is open to help you with the process.  If you would like further information, Vivienne is available at 419-726-3161


As an outreach to our community, a power point presentation has been developed about our Oregon-Jerusalem Historical Society organization. To date, this has been requested by and presented to the Oregonians and the East Cham-ber of Commerce. As a result, we have several new members with a request from a couple others, dates to be determined. There is no charge for this. If you belong to an organization and are proud to be an OJHS member, perhaps this presentation would be appropriate for you and your group.

For more information contact Connie Isbell, 419-693-2956











































Membership and Renewal Application

We invite you to join us by becoming a member of the Oregon Jerusalem Historical Society. Members receive a subscription to our newsletter, notices of special events, tours and an opportunity to help with our projects. Membership is tax deductible under I.R.S. regulations. We thank you for your support.

Name __________________________________________________________        Date ________

Address ________________________________________________________                

City ___________________ State _______________    Zip _______________

Phone _________________ Email ___________________________________

Individual Member Fee       $15 ________                              

Family Membership             $30 ________

Contributing Member  
Bronze                                     $50 ________ 
Silver                                      $100 ________ 
Gold                                        $150 ________                        

Professional Membership  $200 _______ with display certificate and acknowledgement in newsletters

Checks payable to OJHS and mail to:

Membership Chairman, OJHS

Oregon, Ohio   

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Thinking of ways to get involved? Here are some areas where we could use you! Check your items of interest and we will contact you with details.

_____ Simple cleaning such as dusting and vacuuming

_____ Maintenance in the yard and flower beds

_____ Welcome visitors on Thursday open house hours from 10 AM – 2PM

_____ Become a Docent

_____ Serving or preparing food for the spring and fall teas

_____ Helping with the membership letter by stuffing envelopes

_____ Assisting Museum Chair Person and Curator with displays

_____ Preparing snacks for the general meetings

_____ Offering suggestions for speakers or programs for the general meetings

_____ Helping with the activities at the “Living History Camp” held in June

_____ Submit family stories/photos of local history for our newsletter and museum collections

_____ Other recommendations: ____________________________________________________
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