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Historic Brandville School & Museum Complex

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1133 Grasser Street (near Pickle & Wheeling Streets.)
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Recently on excursions while camping, we found ourselves in the heart of the Amish here in Southern Ohio.  It was Monday, and it seemed every home we passed had a line or two filled with colorful drying clothes.  Childhood     memories came flooding.  I lived on Pickle Rd. here in Oregon.  Mondays were wash days in our home also...no matter if the sun was shining or rains were coming down.  Rainy Mondays meant we hung the clothes on lines in our basement.  I can still “smell” wash day aroma.  The soap, bleach, and bluing made the whole house smell clean. The day began by washing three outdoor lines strung between two T-shaped poles.  Taught as soon as old enough to reach the clothes lines, I knew to hang the sheets and pillow cases on the outside lines.  “Personal” items went on the inside line where they would not be on display.  I loved being given the privilege of the important job.  I learned from experience and unspoken of Monday competition between the women who lived on either side of us and my    mother.  To have the first line full seemed to be part of the “game” along with whiteness and neatness of hanging.  Things of a kind were to be lined up, sharing wooden pins to be efficient.  If a wash day trophy had been awarded, I proudly say our home would have had many! I am sure you have memories of your own childhood’s simple day-to-day happenings.  Be sure to take the time to tell them to your grandchildren.  My own were shocked to hear of the wringer washer, adding blue to make the whites whiter, and no dryer to throw things into. Wish there were a way to have them experience sleeping in sheets dried by the sun and made soft by the wind.  No smell or feel like it!  Wishing happy memories of your history.         
                                                                                 Betty Metz, OJHS President






Our complex is open 10 am-2 pm the first and third Thursday of each month (excluding holidays). Closed during the months of January and February.  Additional arrangements can be made for a tour by a trained docent for groups of 4 or more.  There is no charge for this, but donations are welcome.  

Our Email Address:  ojhs@att.net

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