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We all know that it takes a village to raise a child and this is also very, very true of OJHS.. The trustees who have been on board during the two 4-year terms I’ve served as President have always been “working” trustees. Long-gone are the days when having your name on the board membership list and attending five meetings a year is enough. These people very willingly take on projects and do a wonderful job. I won’t name them since their names appear on page 1 of this newsletter, but, as President, they always have my back and are under-recognized assets to this Society.
But it’s those behind the scenes that keep our complex always company ready and I’d like to acknowledge them at this time.
Nancy Charlton faithfully cleans the one-room school each month and has been doing it for as long as I can remember. She just appears, cleans and leaves—sometimes I only see her arriving or leaving! However, the school room is always in pristine condition!
Wanda Rice has a cleaning crew that also comes on a monthly basis and takes care of the entire carriage house. They not only perform the basic cleaning, but also knock down cobwebs (and there are many), wash windows and curtains regularly and even set off bug bombs at times. Additional-ly, they freshen up some displays as well. The cleaning crew consists of Miriam Patznick, Jane Pasztor, Linda Blohm, Shirley Hamilton. Sharon New-ton and Wanda.
The military room is cleaned on a monthly basis by Marilyn Ulrich and so it’s always very visitor-ready.
My hubby, Richard, is in charge of cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms and getting rid of all the trash. He even volunteers to take care of trash from spe-cial events although that’s not part of his “job”.
Don Charlton is another volunteer who mows the lawn on a regular basis. Until recently, he would bring his own mower, lift it off his truck, mow and then re-load it. When his mower broke, he then began using OJHS’ mower.
Brenda Henning and Dolores Jabs have been and continue doing a wonderful job as hospitality volunteers. They are given a date, type of event and it is always perfect when you walk in.
After conducting the short meeting at the All-Member meeting, I, too, will fade into the background, but I’ve always believed in the Society and will continue to do as my role changes.
Thank you all for all cooperation and enthusiasm during my times as President.
                                                                                                                                             President, Connie Isbell






Our complex is open 10 am-2 pm each Thursday (excluding holidays). Closed during the months of January and February.  Additional arrangements can be made for a tour by a trained docent for groups of 4 or more.  There is no charge for this, but donations are welcome.  

Our Email Address:  ojhs@att.net

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