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Greetings to you as we finish the first two months of 2018. How did you do with keeping any New Year’s resolutions made? Hopefully these first months have been good in your life and those you love. Here at OJHS we are excited and busy planning and preparing for a great year of events and programs for our community.

I had an interesting phone call this week about a piece of history I had not given any thought to for many years. I was asked if we would be interested in accepting a donation of an artifact connected to the Vietnam War. Perhaps you remember the POW/MIA bracelets?

The bracelets were the idea of two college students, Carol Bates Brown and Kay Hunter. Both were members of a student organization named VIVA (Voices In Vital America) determined to bring attention to the soldiers who were either missing or had been taken as prisoners. Each bracelet was engraved with the name, rank and date of loss, and were to be worn continuously until the soldier’s return...in any form.

In all, VIVA distributed nearly five million bracelets, raising enough money from their inexpensive sales to produce untold millions of bumper stickers, buttons, brochures, matchbooks, newspaper ads, etc. to draw attention to the missing men and women.

The brave soldiers whose names were engraved on those bracelets can be found by going to pownetwork.org. You can learn of their return home, or, if their status has ever changed. There is also a place to write a message to the families of the POW or MIA engraved on your bracelet. A part of our military history as Americans. May we never forget!


                                                                                                                                                     Betty Metz






Our complex is open 10 am-2 pm the first and third Thursday of each month (excluding holidays). Closed during the months of January and February.  Additional arrangements can be made for a tour by a trained docent for groups of 4 or more.  There is no charge for this, but donations are welcome.  

Our Email Address:  ojhs@att.net

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