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Hello members and friends of OJHS.  As I write these words, Bob (my husband) and I are camping in one of Ohio’s great state parks, Indian Lake.  It is 99 degrees, a hot sunny summer day.  Hopefully August will be treating us to some milder temperatures. I had an interesting conversation with our neighbor/camper today about history.  It was sparked by my t-shirt from our summer camp for kids. It reads “I AM LIVING HISTORY”. My new acquaintance asked the meaning of the shirt’s words. I turned the question on her asking her what came to her mind when she read them. I will try to quote her as best I can from memory… “I suppose it means we are living today the life that those before us made for us, all the wars since our revolt from England’s rule all the way to Vietnam; and all the inventions and modern technology. We have what we have today because of history.” My response was, “I took the shirt’s message more personally I guess.  I am making personal history each and everyday. The mark I leave may not be as big as those of the rich and famous, but for my descendants there will hopefully be my contributions to our family’s heritage recorded”.  For our kids at history camp, the shirt meant that they were enjoying stepping back in time, wearing clothing from the past, doing chores and tasks as well as enjoying games and fun things from long ago. I leave you with a challenge. Share with OJHS what those words would mean to you. We will be happy to publish in our next newsletter any answers we receive. Are YOU living history?          
                                                                          Historically, Betty Metz







Our complex is open 10 am-2 pm the first and third Thursday of each month (excluding holidays). Closed during the months of January and February.  Additional arrangements can be made for a tour by a trained docent for groups of 4 or more.  There is no charge for this, but donations are welcome.  

Our Email Address:  ojhs@att.net

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